A wide view of a stage with cardboard boxes stacked neatly as a backdrop and Daryl and Jon looking at each other in the middle. Both are white men, Daryl is a wheelchair user and Jon is not.

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Sharing is Caring

Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing some thoughts and ideas about the ways we work and the ethos behind why we do what we do... So we thought we’d pop them down in one place!

Reclaiming The Mainstream 
Daryl wrote an article for Total Theatre Magazine explaining our approach to what we mean when we say inclusive.

“From my point of view, when I talk about inclusive or diverse I’m actually talking about opening up the mainstream to more people. It’s not separate, it’s not niche, we’re not taking away from it but we are adding to a rich tapestry of the arts.

Let’s be honest – the mainstream excludes! So therefore, how can it be mainstream if it actively excludes artists, participants and audiences from being involved. The problem with words like ‘inclusive’ is that they are defined by and seen through a cultural lens of tradition.”

You can read the full article here - Reclaiming The Mainstream, Total Theatre Magazine

Can Art Save Us
Daryl was also interviewed for the podcast series ‘Can Art Save Us?’ which talks to award-winning, diverse, national and international artists about the role of curiosity and courage in their lives and work with lessons in wellbeing for all of us. 

He talks about social disability, taking risks as part of exploring friendship ad self-development, owning your identity and not being mis-represented, pushing boundaries and expectations, with plenty of mischief, merriment and fun.

You can listen to Daryl’s episode here - ‘Mischief, Merriment and Movement’

We've rebranded!

We are very excited to introduce the world to Daryl & Co!

Daryl & Co is the new name for Daryl Beeton Productions. We feel it represents our collaborative spirit better and shows just how important our artists, audiences and partners are to our work.

We have been growing and changing over the past year and now feels like the perfect time to share our new look and our new Vision.

While a lot has changed, much of our Team are still the same, including me, Daryl Beeton. (You'll have noticed that I made sure my name was still in there somewhere!)

Of course the other thing that hasn't changed is that we are excited to keep making delightful and accessible theatre for young people and their grown ups. In fact, our new show Look Mum, No Hands! is touring as we speak. Look out for it in a town near you.

We hope you like our new look as much as we do.

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Two women smile broadly as they do an acrobatic pose. One is the steady base in a wheelchair, holding the other who is intertwined with her as she does upside-down splits.

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We make quirky, creative theatre for young audiences and their families. Ideal for theatres and art venues as well as schools, festivals and rural touring.

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Daryl and Nickie are performing outdoors wearing sparkly clothes and fake tans. Daryl points at the camera and gives a cheesy grin. They have a bingo machine.

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