Look Mum… Let’s talk about Disability

Announcing our new digital commission!

We are super excited to announce that Daryl & Co in partnership with Mimbre have been commissioned by The Space to create a series of films for social media inspired by our touring show Look Mum, No Hands!

The concept came from our joint experiences of touring and working with young people, fielding the many honest questions they are curious to ask about what it means to be disabled and a wheelchair user. It’s a great opportunity for us to have the space to answer young people's questions in meaningfull and creative ways!

The commission
We will be creating 6 short films for social media. The films will respond to common questions around disability asked by young people and raise awareness of the social model of disability in a playful and fun way. Aimed at young audiences but accessible to everyone!

Each film will answer a question from a young person using humour, theatre and choreography, supported by honest personal stories from Disabled artists themselves. We'll be sharing them on instagram and facebook.

Alongside this all films will be hosted on Daryl & Co website along with discussion points, at-home creative activities and a downloadable education and learning packs.

The questions?
We’ve collected a series of questions directly from young people over the last month and worked with our Disabled artists to explore the most creative and personal ways to answer them. It's not about oversimplifying the responses but about making them accessible to young audiences.

We had lots of questions and it has been hard to choose just 6 of them!

But we’ll be answering… “Do you always need help?”... “What’s it like to use a wheelchair?”... “What’s wrong with you?”.... “Why do you use a wheelchair if you can walk?"... “How do you get somewhere when there are only stairs?” and “How do you get into your bed?”...So expect a lot of fun, tenderness and honesty in the films we’ll create!

Keep Up to date with how the films are developing on our Instagram

Why now?
As a Disabled-led company creating work for young audiences we are very aware of the lack of Disabled-led content for young audiences online. We want this commission to give young people, their families and their friends the opportunity and the tools to have discussions about what it means to be Disabled, which is often not spoken about for fear of getting it wrong or not knowing where to start.

We are in the process of creating these films now and they will be launched in February 2024! But in the meantime you can check out UK Disability History Month, which runs from 16th November to the 16th December 2023, as this year's focus is on Disability, childhood and youth, something that’s very close to our heart here at Daryl & Co!

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