Daryl is shouting into a megaphone, surprising the man sat right next to him who is laughing and holding his ear.

Vision & Values

Our vision is a world where Disabled artists and young people have unrestricted choices to creative experiences and careers.

Our Mission

We believe that the current ways of creating artistic work aren’t fair, resulting in some artists, audiences and young people being left behind. So, at Daryl & Co we invest our resources into developing new ways of creating work that enable opportunities for all, because that's what we value the most.

Our Values

Absurd and Silly
We embrace the power of play and take fun seriously

We engage in a culture of understanding which involves listening but also questioning

We believe everyone has the power to make change

We understand there is more to life than just words

We thrive when we work together


Through our work we want to:

1. Place artists and young people front and centre in the creative process.

2. Ensure access and inclusion takes the lead, both organisationally and artistically.

3. Hold the space for meaningful ongoing conversations to ensure change happens.

4. Collaborate with committed partners to enable them to share responsibility and take the lead for change.

5. Ensure a thriving flexible organisation that can respond to and support which ever artist is taking the lead.

Onstage two people fuss together over a fuzzy ball, about the size of a melon.

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Two women smile broadly as they do an acrobatic pose. One is the steady base in a wheelchair, holding the other who is intertwined with her as she does upside-down splits.

Our Shows

We make quirky, creative theatre for young audiences and their families. Ideal for theatres and art venues as well as schools, festivals and rural touring.

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Daryl and Nickie are performing outdoors wearing sparkly clothes and fake tans. Daryl points at the camera and gives a cheesy grin. They have a bingo machine.

Meet the Team

We are proud to work with a talented team of artists, producers, actors, artists, managers and more.

Head over to say hello to our creative and friendly team!

Meet the Team

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