Two women smile broadly as they do an acrobatic pose. One is the steady base in a wheelchair, holding the other who is intertwined with her as she does upside-down splits.

Look Mum, No Hands!

Look Mum, No Hands! is a tender tale of friendship and growing up. It explores a coming-of-age story about two friends testing their own boundaries.

Together they explore freedom, taking risks and independence. They see how those things change, depending on whether you’re Disabled, or not.

In the show we see the two friends play. They push the boundaries of what is possible until, together, they find the perfect balance of their limits. Look Mum, No Hands! playfully explores ideas of vulnerability and strength. The story looks at independence as opposed to interdependence.

In the show one of the characters is a wheelchair user. The two actors use this to explore exciting acrobatic shapes and unexpected choreography. It is visually beautiful and physically surprising - you will be on the edge of your seat!

Look Mum, No Hands! is a Daryl & Co and Mimbre co-production.

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Look Mum, No Hands! is largely non-verbal, making it accessible for a wide range of people including BSL users and non-English speakers.

Creative Team

Co-Directors -  Daryl Beeton & Lina Johansson          
Composer - Gareth Cutter
Inclusive Acrobatic Consultant - Rick Rodgers        
Designer - Jonathan Van Beek
Performers - Danielle Summers & Laura Dajao
Role Shares and Understudies - Kat Ball & Sophie Page
Company Stage Manager - Stella Kailides
Project Manager - Zsófi Szendrei
Concept devised with Maiya Leeke and Rosy Roberts


Look Mum, No Hands! is commissioned by FESTIVAL.ORG & Hat Fair and  supported by Without Walls, The Sparks Arts for Children; Foyle Foundation, The Golsoncott Foundation, Leche Trust and Blueprint: Without Walls R&D. With special thanks to 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and Graeae Theatre.

Photo credits: Rachel Hardwick and @HeardinLondon

Running Time
30 mins

Age group
All ages

Upcoming dates

7th - 11th April 2022
Library tour supported by The Spark Arts for Children

14th May 2022
A Weekend Without Walls in Crawley,
Brighton Festival

15th May 2022
A Weekend Without Walls,
Brighton Festival

21st - 22nd May 2022
Norfolk and Norwich Festival

19th - 21st August 2022
Just So Festival, Cheshire

5th - 6th June 2022
Birmingham International Dance Festival

1st July 2022
Timber Festival

11th - 14th July 2022
Kensington & Chelsea Festival (Schools)

23rd July 2022
Certain Blacks, London

5th & 6th August 2022
SIRF, Stockton

19th - 21st August 2022
Just So Festival, Cheshire

27th August 2022
GDIF, London

“Not just for kids!”
Audience Member
“This show gets you right in the feels, makes you laugh out loud and then surprises you with some original and exciting tricks… it's a rollercoaster!”
Audience Member
“Outstanding, creative, amazing”
Audience Member

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