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Online Learning

Access and inclusion training for the arts

For arts organisations and freelancers

Looking to develop your knowledge about access and inclusion? Our four-part digital training series will give you the tools to train yourself and your team, from front of house staff to senior management and board members.

These resources offer an opportunity to listen in on a conversation between Disabled artists, in order to understand more about access and inclusion from real-world experiences. What they are not is a quick-fix, one-stop-shop of understanding everything to do with disability in the arts... to be honest, there's no such thing!

Instead this course will ignite curiosity and support you and your staff to build your understanding of accessibility in practice via videos and digital resource packs.

When you book you are given access to the resources for 3 months. This means you can plan the training around your calendar and do it at a pace that suits you.


There are four modules in the online learning course, each with a video and accompanying digital resource pack:

How do we talk about it? A look at the tricky topic of language and how not to be afraid of 'getting it wrong'.

The Basics A conversation about the building blocks of inclusion and access, introducing different ways of thinking about disability and how to use that to be more inclusive.

Working with Disabled people A discussion around how to approach working with Disabled artists in an inclusive way, as well as accessibility in the workplace.

Meaningful Partnerships An insight into the ways you can build meaningful partnerships, with access at the heart, for long-term impact.

The online learning resource also includes an introductory document for staff and the person leading on the training, giving advice on how to get the most out of it.


Creator & Panel Moderator - Daryl Beeton
Panel Member - Amelia Lander-Cavallo
Panel Member - Dave Young
Panel Member - Eleanor Rowlands
Panel Member - Miss Jacqui

Book now

To book training for yourself or your organisation contact us on hello@darylandco.com.
You will be invoiced and given access to the training course for 3 months.

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Our Access & Inclusion online learning course comes in two formats: a subtitled video and a PDF. The PDF is written and formatted to be accessible and can be made available in different formats if required. Some of the topics discussed may be sensitive for some people.

Aimed at
Staff training and inductions for arts workers and volunteers.

You will have access to the resources for 3 months, to learn when it suits you.

Running Time
How do we talk about this? - 22 mins
The Basics - 27 mins
Working with Disabled people - 22 mins
Meaningful Partnerships - 27 mins

We offer different pricing levels from freelancer up to larger organisations:
Freelance -
Up to XXX -
Up to XXX -

Each module includes:
- A video of a conversation between Disabled artists
- A Digital Resource Pack which unpicks some of the topics in more detail

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“It's been so thought provoking and I'm going back to my organisation with lots of questions and ideas.”
Attendee of our A Diff Way
online training
“As well as the content being useful and thought provoking - will also take away the management and coordination of the event, which was a masterclass for a friendly digital event.”
A Diff Way attendee
“I just wanted to say what a wonderful session today was. It was so relaxed, calm and inspiring."
Another A Diff Way attendee

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