Daryl is onstage behind a desk. He is pulling a funny face as he holds three blocks with faces on them and moves them around.

About Us

Daryl & Co is a Disabled-led children's theatre company where collaboration and co-creation meet mischief and merriment. We make accessible theatre to delight young audiences and their families and we tour all over the country.

Our vision is a world where Disabled artists and young people have unrestricted choices to creative experiences and careers.

We take fun seriously. Working nationally and internationally, we create colourful and entertaining children's shows that challenge exclusion and champion equality. We are generous and playful in how we work. To us, the ‘& Co’ is just as important as the ‘Daryl’.

We bring together a changing team of artists and young people with designers, devisers, dramaturgs, performers, acrobats, musicians, administrators and technicians to tell our stories. Working with young people is great. Every day we get to be surprised and enthused by how they see things and their way of being in the world.

We hold the door open for others. We thrive when we work together, so we make room for new people, both in our team and in the sector. We invest in artists and in new ways of doing things that enable opportunities for all.

Daryl & Co is a live demonstration how we can make change in the arts and address the lack of diversity in leadership, workforces, artists and audiences. Access and inclusion are at the start and heart of everything we do, from the creative to the administrative. We don’t want there to be anyone left behind.

We believe in the power of the arts to include. Our aim is to ensure that all children and young people can realise their creative potential and see themselves represented in theatre, both on and off stage. Our work is inspired by our communities and access is at the heart of everything we do. Together we are ambitious about valuing each individual and building a sense of belonging through performance.

At Daryl & Co inclusion is at the heart of what we do.
We create silly, tactile, enjoyable children's shows
that make you see things differently.
Daryl and Nickie are performing outdoors wearing sparkly clothes and fake tans. Daryl points at the camera and gives a cheesy grin. They have a bingo machine.

Meet the Team

We are proud to work with a talented team of artists, producers, actors, artists, managers and more.

Meet the team
Daryl is shouting into a megaphone, surprising the man sat right next to him who is laughing and holding his ear.

Vision & Values

Our work is underpinned by a vision for equality in the arts and a series of shared values.

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Children are watching a show, a young girl has her hand up to participate.

Our Story

We've been making theatre for young audiences for quite some time now. Why not have a read about our journey so far?

Discover our story
Daryl is performing. He wears stripey pyjamas and is swinging high up in the air, surrounded by trees.

News & Views

All the latest updates and info from the Daryl & Co team. Find out about our latest productions or job opportunities.

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