Daryl & Co is a Disabled-led theatre company where
collaboration and co-creation meet mischief and merriment.
We make accessible theatre to delight young audiences.

Latest shows

Onstage Daryl is holding a large cardboard box on his lap as he moves in his wheelchair. He looks  behind him nervously.

Boxed In

In this quirky children's show we meet someone who can't make head nor tail of the unspoken rules he is surrounded by.

This is a story about being made to feel naughty, just because the rules don’t make sense.

For ages 3 - 6 and their grown ups.

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It's Classic Connee

A lavish, larger than life and lip-syncing outdoor show celebrating Connee Boswell, probably the most popular singer you've never heard of. they?

For family audiences

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Daryl is onstage behind a desk. He is pulling a funny face as he holds three blocks with faces on them and moves them around.

A Square World      

A place where we discover that ANYTHING can happen once we start to think differently and rip up the rule book. An honest, touching and quirky piece of theatre for young people and their grown ups.

For ages 3 - 6 and their grown ups

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Children are watching a show, a young girl has her hand up to participate.

About Us

We believe that children's theatre should be inclusive to all. We make new shows for young people and their adults, which tour all over the country.

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On Demand

We love performing live, but we know that we won't go to every town and that not everyone can get out to the theatre.

So stream original Daryl & Co shows in the comfort of your own home!

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