It's Classic Connee

A lavish, larger than life and lip-syncing outdoor show celebrating Connee Boswell, probably the most popular singer you've never heard of. 

Inspired by the life of Connee Boswell, a famous voice of radio who’s recordings sold over 75 million copies and was one of the brightest stars of American popular music in the first half of the 20th century, but Connee had to keep a big secret and so got left behind by the move into the new golden age of TV and Film.

We’ve all at some point had to hide something about ourselves in order to fit in or had to play by other people's rules and this show will challenge those reasons and champion just being ourselves.

It’s Classic Connee plays with the illusion of perceived beauty, identity and fame to create a playful, tactile and enjoyable family show that will make us see things differently.

Performed by Daryl Beeton, It’s Classic Connee will combine Connee’s music, comedy and a ravishing outfit to create the usual offbeat performance style that Daryl & Co have become known for.

Like Connee, this show will have a lot of heart, probably a bit of cheekiness, a whole heap of imagination and a pinch of politics!

It’s Classic Connee has been commissioned by Applause and will begin touring from April 2023

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It’s Classic Connee is still in development so we don't have full access info yet. But, rest assured, it will be accessible in lots of different ways!

R&D Creative Team

To be announced soon

Running Time
30 mins

Age group
All ages

Upcoming dates
It's Classic Connee is currently being created and will be touring from April 2023.

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