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Stream original Daryl & Co shows at home!

We make and tour imaginative and accessible children's theatre for young people and their families.
We love performing live, but we know that we won't go to every town in the country (even though we'd like to!) and that not everyone can get out to the theatre. So, we've made digital versions of our work for you to stream in the comfort of your own home.

Our shows have a lot of heart and a bit of cheekiness, telling relatable stories about relationships and the world around us. Perfect to watch together as a family (and for little ones to rewatch on their own!).

Rent and stream the shows on your laptop, tablet or TV in just a few clicks.

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Look Mum, Let's Talk About Disability

A series of short films answering questions from a young people about what it means to be Disabled using humour, theatre and choreography

FREE to watch, with at-home creative learning activities

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Daryl, a white man with a mohawk, sits behind a desk onstage which has a triangular structure on it built out of blocks. He is surprised and has his hands in the air.

A Square World

Our bestselling show about three friends who discover that ANYTHING can happen once they start to think differently and rip up the rule book!

Rent and Stream on Vimeo now, for young people and families.

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