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Training and Resources

Supporting the arts to be accessible and inclusive

We deliver friendly, informative training for arts organisations and freelancers. We focus on access, inclusion and equality in the arts and every course is based in lived experience. And don't worry, none of them are death by Powerpoint!

We know that arts organisations have a real desire to make their venues, their work, their participation and work with artists more inclusive. Luckily, we can help with that.

We have put together a range of training opportunities and resources to suit arts organisations and freelancers at different stages of their inclusion journey.

Newbies - If you're new to the topic, try our free resources section.

Ready for more - If you'd like to find out how to apply the learning in your organisation, then head to our online training.

Next level - If you're a bit more advanced and are ready for something bespoke to your organisation then we've got that covered too.

Find your path

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Free resources

A library of links to useful videos, articles and texts about access and inclusion.

Start your inclusion journey here.

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Learn online

Ready to take your learning further?

Sign up for our exclusive Daryl & Co 'Access and Inclusion' online training programme. Available for organisations and individuals.

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Bespoke training

More experienced in inclusion or focusing on a specific area?

We offer bespoke training and consultancy for organisations who are ready to go further.

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