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Free resources

Podcasts, videos and articles to get your started on your inclusion journey

There are lots of great resources out there online to help you begin to learn about accessibility and how to be inclusive.

Below are some opportunities for reading, listening and watching that can help you on your way. This isn't an exhaustive list, but is a good starting point.

If there's something important that we've missed, drop us a line and let us know!

Start with the art

Our best advice is to start with the art. Start to discover your favourite Disabled artists and disability arts companies. See inclusion in practice at their theatre shows, gigs and exhibitions. Feel what a difference it makes.

If you're new to Disability arts then a great starting point is Disability Arts Online. Have a browse and get excited about the wealth of talent out there!

And here's a quick list of some fantastic disability arts organisations:
Graeae / Extraordinary Bodies / Access All Areas / Mind The Gap / Heart n Soul / Candoco / Second Hand Dance / Unlimited / Tourette's Hero / Criptic / Shape Arts / Little Cog / Attitude Is Everything

Dive deeper

If you're keen to learn more about inclusion and access then here are a few good free resources to get you started:

READ: The Social Model of Disability - by Inclusion London

WATCH: The Social Model - by Shape Arts (includes Easy Read version)

WATCH: Case study films about the careers of Disabled artists - by Graeae

READ: How to put on an inclusive exhibition - by Shape Arts

LISTEN: Disability and... podcast - by Disability Arts Online

READ: Creating an artist access statement - by Little Cog

WATCH & READ: Transforming leadership - by Access All Areas

READ: Accessible marketing guide - by Unlimited

READ: Toolkit for accessible circus, for trainers - by Extraordinary Bodies

WATCH, LISTEN OR READ: Access to Work, a guide for cultural organisations - by
Disability Arts Online

READ: A few words on creative access - by Mind The Gap

READ: Accessibility in online events and meetings - by Drake Music

READ & PLAY: A different kind of future - by Heart n Soul

LISTEN: Access All podcast - BBC

Ready for more?

Now that you've begun your inclusion journey you are probably hungry for more, right?

For your next step we recommend checking out our Online Learning offer. It's a great way to deepen your understanding of access and inclusion. It is suitable for organisations and individuals, with a sliding price scale to suit. There are 4 modules each with a video and accompanying PDF.

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Take the next step towards becoming more inclusive!

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