Daryl is performing. He wears stripey pyjamas and is swinging high up in the air, surrounded by trees.

Our Story

Our story begins with Daryl Beeton, the namesake of the company and a leader in accessible and inclusive performance for young audiences.

Daryl has worked extensively within the Theatre, Disability and young people’s arts sector for over 25 years. He is a recognised cultural leader and a high-profile advocate for Disabled artists. At the core of his work is the belief that arts can enrich our lives and those of the communities we inhabit. He is an active advocate for improving the rights of Disabled and vulnerable people by promoting access and inclusion within the arts.

As well as working with high profile companies such as Graeae and Kazzum, Daryl founded his own company, Daryl Beeton Productions, in 2018 and has been awarded commissions from organisations such as Without Walls, Made in Corby, First Art, The Spark Arts for Children and Graeae.

During 2019 to 2021 DBP worked in partnership with Half Moon Theatre, New Wolsey Theatre, Mimbre, Attenborough Arts Centre and TYA UK to develop a national strategic partnership project called A Different Way, which supported the growth of Disabled-led theatre for young audiences.

In 2022 the organisation was reimagined and renamed as Daryl & Co, to celebrate and underline the importance of our collaborators (including young people, artists, partners) to our work.

In recent years we have been proud to gain international audiences through our collaborations in Italy, Singapore and Japan. We have delivered online inclusion seminars for the arts sector and have worked with young people, artists and partners to develop three new accessible, original and fun shows for young audiences.

Of course, before Daryl & Co came into existence Daryl had been directing, managing and producing lots of creative projects and productions with and for young people, find out more HERE.

Onstage two people fuss together over a fuzzy ball, about the size of a melon.

Quotes and Testimonials

"Working with Daryl Beeton - apart from being a genuinely enjoyable creative collaboration - gave me a chance to look in more practical detail at my practice, both as director and teacher, and how I can adapt that practice to make it more accessible for disabled performers and audiences.

To have an actual project working alongside Daryl on choreographies, directing and teaching, was a unique chance to discuss and understand disability politics in a practical rather than theoretical sense. Personally I believe the experience has made me better as a creator, even though it also makes me appreciate how much more there is to learn and change!"

Mimbre - collaborators on Look Mum, No Hands!

“It’s been refreshing to see an artist approach the process of creating a show actively seeking to engage young people  in the progress. It’s been something that we’ve pushed for a number of years, and I feel now we have a reference point for future development of young people’s work that we can point to.”

John Kirby - Attenborough Arts Centre

"Their attention to detail and consummate professionalism makes this a first-class experience for event organisers and audiences alike. And all of this is delivered with smiles and laughter throughout. A pleasure to work with and a pleasure to present."

First Art

“Thank you so much for this series. It's been so thought provoking and I'm going back to my organisation with lots of questions and ideas.”

“I just wanted to say what a wonderful session today was. It was so relaxed, calm and inspiring. Recently, I've fallen out of love for the arts a bit and have been questioning a lot of what's import to me. So many of these Zoom seminars and workshops have been negative and draining. However, I have come away feeling empowered, with my broken heart slightly more mended. Thank you.”

“As well as the content being useful and thought provoking - will also take away the management and coordination of the event which was a masterclass for a friendly digital event.”

Feedback from attendees of our digital inclusion series 'A Different Way'

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A young white man is onstage, he is sitting down but gesturing with his arms open wide and bent at 90 degree angles at the elbow. He is wearing a snorkelling mask and grinning.

Our Shows

We make quirky, creative theatre for young audiences and their families. Ideal for theatres and art venues as well as schools, festivals and rural touring.

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Meet the Team

Say hello to the people who make up Daryl & Co, from designers to directors and performers to producers.

Meet the Team

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