Daryl, a white man with a mohawk, sits behind a desk onstage which has a triangular structure on it built out of blocks. He is surprised and has his hands in the air.

A Square World - Digital

Stream A Square World online now - perfect for kids and families.

An honest, touching and quirky piece of theatre for young people and their families.

A Square World tells the tale of 3 friends who do everything together until one day, one of them can't. Full of fun and silliness, this is a show with a big heart and a message that everyone can connect with.

Stream the show online through Vimeo. Watch the trailer and click to rent the full show.

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This show is largely non-verbal. This makes it accessible to lots of people, including BSL users and non-English speakers. It is suitable (and fun!) for a range of ages.

Creative Team

Director/Performer - Daryl Beeton
Designer - Jon Van Beek  
Composer - Arji Manuelpillai
Dramaturg - Vicky Ireland
Videography - Rebel Films

Running Time
35 mins

Age group
Kids + families

Streaming info
Rental period is 48 hours.
Watch on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

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“A perfect example of children’s theatre at its best, working equally for both kids & adults. Thank you for such an uplifting experience.”
Audience Member
“This simple, yet wonderfully effective piece really brings home how being different should be celebrated.”
Curious Mum
“An immediately engaging, funny, poignant and truly delightful performance.”

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Two women smile broadly as they do an acrobatic pose. One is the steady base in a wheelchair, holding the other who is intertwined with her as she does upside-down splits.

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Daryl is shouting into a megaphone, surprising the man sat right next to him who is laughing and holding his ear.

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