A young person is wrapped up in clingfilm and tape, we can see their face peeking out.


Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me... right? Or, actually, just totally wrong?

“Special” looks at the power of language and the effects of words on our identity, society and culture.

This exciting youth theatre production explores terminology around disability and its place in contemporary youth culture. It looks at how different words are used by different generations, some reclaimed, some forgotten.  This show begins life as an engagement project for young people. It concludes with a compelling, interactive  unapologetic show for teenage audiences.

When talking about disability sometimes people get nervous. They are worried about causing offence or saying the wrong thing. But, if we don’t take a chance or risk putting our foot in it, then how can the conversation ever evolve? How can we ever get comfortable with talking about disability?

We’ve all been hurt by what people say at one time or another. Words are potent, capable of shaping how we see and experience things.

"Special" isn’t your bog standard show, it’s a complete engagement project, working with young people in your community to bring this production to life. It’s a powerful exploration of language, disability and identity for ages 14+.

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Special will be co-created with young people using accessible and inclusive ways of working. The live show will be produced with those young people and will be accessible in lots of different ways.

R&D Creative Team

Director - Nickie Miles-Wildin
Design Collaborator - Jonathan Van Beek
Writer - Daryl Beeton
Composer - Ben Lunn

Running Time

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"Special" is a future show - dates tbc

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